Schools Work

Our school support offers services for young people aged 8-18 who need extra support to manage school, emotional health and wellbeing and to make positive choices in life.

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We predominately work within the South East locality of Edinburgh, however some of our group work programmes are open to young people city wide. We adopt a youth work approach to our work, putting young people at the heart of all services and building support around them. We provide both individual support and groupwork programmes, which focus on wellbeing, developing positive relationships, building confidence, and supporting young people to re-engage with school.

Individual Support

Our Youth Development Workers and dedicated Wellbeing Worker offer 1-1 support and are flexible in how they do this to meet the needs of the young person. We work towards agreed goals and continuously review how support is working. This service is not time limited and can take place in school, at CY or within the community.

Groupwork Programmes

Our group work programme is flexible, and we work in partnership with the school to tailor programmes to meet the needs of young people, but these can include sessions on anxiety, relationships, and general wellbeing. We also deliver our Power Up Programme throughout the year, which is aimed at young women and is focused on sexual health and healthy relationships.


We work in partnership with many organisations within the locality and city wide believe this is crucial to the success of our work.

We have developed a partnership with Edinburgh Lothians Greenspace, Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust and U Evolve to deliver the South East Wellbeing Service. This is part of the Community Mental Health Fund and specifically supports mental health. This has enabled us to provide further group programmes, therapeutic coaching, outdoor activities and family advice and support.

We are also part of the Edinburgh Together Consortium working alongside Barnardos and Children 1st to support young people at school with additional support needs.

To make a request for support or to find out more please complete the request for support form or e mail us at