South East Wellbeing Support

A mental health fund collaborative in South East Edinburgh

Who we are?

The South – East collaboration brings together the collective strengths, insight, and expertise of four community-based charities: Canongate Youth (CY), Edinburgh Lothian Greenspace Trust (ELGT), Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust (EOTDT) and U-evolve. Together we provide holistic, therapeutic, and inclusive support placing children, young people, and relationships at the heart of our services. As a partnership we work together in a youth led, trauma skilled and relational way. We provide accessible safe spaces within the area, opportunities to connect with nature, experience new things, and get outdoors as a means of supporting good mental health and building resilience.

Who do we support?

We can provide support for children and young people aged 5-24 years within the catchment areas of James Gillespie’s and Boroughmuir High School. Our support is aimed at children and young people who are experiencing emotional and mental health challenges and would benefit from local support.

What do we do?

Individual Wellbeing Support: we provide 1-1 support with a Wellbeing Worker for young people aged 8 – 12 years. This support can take place at school, home or within the local community. We use a person-centred approach to work with the young person to identify what support will work best for them. 1-1 support can be short or long term.

Therapeutic Coaching – Our therapists work 1:1 with young people and support them to build confidence, understand and manage their feelings and feel more positive about their futures, no matter where they’re starting from.

Groupwork Programmes – we will provide group programmes and activities which are responsive to the wellbeing needs of the young people we work with. This could include anxiety, stress management, goal setting, food and exercise and mindfulness.

Outdoor and nature-based activities – Across all organisations we place an emphasis on using the outdoors and nature as a means of supporting wellbeing. ELGT specialise in outdoor and conservation activities and will lead a programme of activities throughout the year.

Local family support groups – we value the importance of the whole family unit in supporting wellbeing and plan to deliver family workshops and activities that families can attend together at our space at The Crannie in the Old Town.

How can you find out more or ask for help?

To make a request for support or to simply talk to someone about getting help please complete our Enquiry Form. Alternatively you can e-mail the word support, and your contact number and someone will get back to you. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.

Therapeutic Coaching

“[Since working with Uevolve] I understand my feelings better and this helps me understand myself”
Wellbeing Support
I really like talking to [worker]. I don’t want to worry mum and teachers are always busy. It’s a safe space to be myself”
Outdoor Programmes
“It’s good to get out and make more friends and help the community”
Community Spaces
The Crannie hub – A “village hall” in the heart of the city