Power Up – a new opportunity for young women!

By 7th January 2019 No Comments

We are really excited to launch Power Up, a new programme about young women, relationships, sexual health and well-being.

Power Up is a free 10 week long programme that aims to offer a comprehensive and practical approach to well-being issues related to relationships and sexual health. Through evidence-based and participatory sessions the participants are encouraged to increase their awareness about healthy relationships, improve their emotional well-being, be more confident and become more resilient.

The programme is aimed at young women aged 15 to 24 who are or could be involved in risk taking behaviour, have an unhealthy view of relationships or are at risk of sexual exploitation, violence or emotional abuse.

Power Up is due to start on Wednesday 6th February and will run every following Wednesday from 2 to 4pm until April 17th 2019 (10 sessions). The participants will take part in sessions covering important subjects such as:

. Body image and sexualisation

. Relationships, grooming and sexual exploitation

. Social media and staying safe online

. Sexual health and pornography

. Consent and asking for help

. Feelings, emotions and life purpose

. Community and employability pathways

To make a referral contact or 0131 556 9389