Employability and Wellbeing

Old School Cafe


Would you like to gain real-life experience in a hospitality environment? The Old School Café is a very supportive, fun environment to learn how to work alongside others and get the transferable skills you need to work in any type of job!


Sign up to our training day every Monday 10am-3pm to develop team-work skills, customer service and complete the Food Hygiene certificate.

Cooking Group

Learn to cook alongside a professional chef every Monday 3-5pm. Young people choose the meal and learn to prepare the dishes before sitting together to eat.

All Old School Café activities are open to young people aged 15-25 – referrals should be sent to referrals@canongateyouth.org.uk or give us a call on 0131 556 9389 to discuss potential referrals.

Offers young people employability support through one to one and group work session.

Volunteering. Training. Cooking.

Two programmes designed to empower young women, with weekly group work sessions which explore wellbeing activities such as fitness, sexual health, art and mindfulness.

For young people 16-19 who have left school, are not ready to work and would like support with their next step!