Meet Our New Manager

By 11th October 2017 No Comments

We are delighted to welcome our new Strategic Manager, Ellie Hutchinson, to the CY team. Find out a bit more about her below

What does your position with CY entail?
Hello! My job is to make sure all the staff are able to get on with their jobs. I’m here to apply for funding, to think about our strategy and to look at how we can make the centre and the services we provide the best possible for children and young people.

If you weren’t in this job, what would your dream job be?
Three very different, but three very specific things: 1) A total bad ass rock star-channelling either Debbie Harry or Kathleen Hannah. 2) a beach bum-maybe selling beads or something, but generally napping and swimming  3) a successful and glamorous writer of romance novels living in Hollywood in the 1980s with big shoulder pads and even bigger hair.

What about your new job excited you the most? What are you looking forward to?
I did a wee bit of work at CY last year and I absolutely loved coming in to the centre- it had (and still has) such a lovely, warm, nurturing energy about it and I’m really excited about being part of that. What I’ve noticed just this week is how committed staff, volunteers, young people and parents are. That commitment and dedication is so invaluable, and a real testament to the work that’s done here, it’s really exciting to be coming into an organisation that is so well loved.

What did you do prior to joining CY?
I was a Project Manager at Shelter Scotland and before that in a variety of jobs at Scottish Women’s Aid. I also run another charity- The Empower Project- on the side. I’ve been a children’s worker, a youth worker, a rape crisis support worker, and I’ve been involved in policy , campaigns and participation around domestic abuse, so called revenge porn, sex education, housing, and digital issues. I’m really passionate about children and young people’s rights, equality and making the world that wee bit better, so joining the team here was a perfect fit!

What do you do on your days off?
I’m a mum of two small people (1 and 3) so they keep me on my toes. I also love running and painting, writing, listening to music, hanging out with my pals and family, living my life with my partner, admiring my cat, doing a wee bit of mindfulness, reading, podcasts, and lastly cooking. My relaxation goals are: mind, body, soul.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would probably do more or less what I am doing but with a bigger house, with longer holidays and shorter hours. And in a hot country.

What is your favourite food/restaurant?
I’m really into cooking Korean food at the moment as it’s so tasty. You can do some really interesting veggie recipes which are both cheap and quick-this week I’m cooking spicy tofu in lettuce leaves. YUM.

Tell us about something funny that’s happened to you.
Oh jeez, I’m a really clumsy person so not a day goes by where I don’t fall into something/someone.

What do you think is your most valuable skill or personal characteristics?
I think I’m quite a positive and enthusiastic person and I try and think creatively about solutions to problems, which comes in handy managing people, places and projects.

And finally, tell us one random fact about yourself.
I broke my leg snowboarding but carried on walking on it for a week. YIKES.