Employability and Wellbeing

Activity Agreement

Canongate Youth is the City Centre Activity Agreement Hub and can work with young people from across the city.

An Activity Agreement is a voluntary contract between a young person aged 16-19 (or up to 26 if you face additional barriers) and a coach, where the young person agrees to participate in a programme of development to help them progress on to formal learning, training or employment. Our Activity Agreement Coach will work with young people to help them develop skills, confidence and experience. Some young people may receive EMA depending on eligibility.

An AA Referral Form should be sent to the Activity Agreement team – activityagreements@edinburgh.gov.uk

or contact jennifer.airlie@canongateyouth.org.uk to discuss potential referrals.

For young people 16-19 who have left school, are not ready to work and would like support with their next step!

Our employability support for young parents aged 16-25. Focusing on building skills and developing support networks around the family.