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Yesterday we launched a really exciting new crowdfunding campaign with our pals at Donr. Every year, during the festival, our space gets turned into a venue with Greenside and we’re really proud to be able to support actors, producers and writers by giving up some of our rooms to enable them to put on great performances.

During the festival, we’re asking people who come to our venue (and our city) to leave Edinburgh better. Edinburgh is an absolutely beautiful city- hills to walk, streams to saunter by, literal volcanoes to hike, and castles to explore. We have a wealth of culture at our finger tips and what a city to live and work in.

Edinburgh-like most cities- has areas of great deprivation and poverty, and the area we serve- Abbeyhill, Canongate and Dumbiedykes is one of the most deprived in the country. We work alongside families to ensure that all children are able to have fantastic experiences and opportunities. We do this through putting on free, accessible, universal, fun activities for all children aged 5-12. With some of our children experiencing food poverty, over-crowding and poor housing we run sessions around food, play, sport, community and resilience. What we do happens all year round and we’re proud to walk alongside these children on their journey to adulthood.

Our funding for this service has now finished, and we’ve launched this crowdfunder to help us to help children. We hope that visitors to our beautiful city get involved with this campaign, and leave Edinburgh better- for children, for our community and for city. #leaveedinburghbetter

Follow this link to donate and get involved.

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